How to Start a Blog in 53 Easy Steps (Part Four)

Part Four – Actually Start the G*ddam Blog

Word to the Wise

Blundering: (noun) the act of making a careless or stupid mistake; the act of acting or speaking clumsily; the act of moving clumsily as if unable to see.

Step 1: Over the course of the process thus far, you’ve probably learned a lot about yourself. Namely that you are a hopeless e-klutz who blunders into things like Ilsa blundered into Rick’s cafe (We mustn’t underestimate “American blundering…”), but without the noble cause or perfect face. Also that any way that you interface with the internet has the ability to inadvertently connect with the people you know IRL and alert them to your goings-ons. And that you know a lot of really helpful people who will happily inform you when they discover your anonymous internet blunderings. You’re also likely considering getting #fail tattooed on your forehead…

Step 2: Sit down with your best friend and brainstorm ideas for blog articles. Read blogs about starting blogs and articles about introductory articles. Most of these are boring and not engaging and perhaps a little redundant, too. Realize you want your blog to sound nothing like these.

Step 3: Come up with a list of 50+ topics for blog articles. This list is surprisingly similar to the one you crafted two weeks ago in Part One.

Step 4: Decide that you will each write your own introductory piece, but you should really get a general “what we’re all about” opener on the site stat, since the site is live and is an f’ing template and you no idea how in hell you take that shit down.

Step 5: Take a break for coffee and cake.

Step 6: Cruise Instagram for a while. Admire bookstagrams of folks who probably have stock options in Michael’s they use so many knick-knacky craft supplies for these posts.

Step 7: Recommit to keeping your apartment clean and keeping more than just coffee and cake on hand for when you have guests.

Step 8: On second thought, recommit to not having guests, because who are you kidding?

Step 9: Thank your lucky stars you’ve got a best friend who 1) doesn’t mind the mess, 2) doesn’t mind the lack of food, 3) loves books as much as you do, 4) tolerates your incessant lists, and 5) wants to start a blog with you. 🙂 Sit back and admire your darling friend. ❤

Step 10: Tell your BFF how excited you are to be working on this project together.

Step 11: Re-open your laptop and start typing. Mostly just tap on the keys because eventually the words will come to you and you don’t want your partner to know you have absolutely no idea what to write.

Step 12: Embrace the fact that nothing you write will be perfect or will even feel remotely “good enough”. Decide that “written” is the new “good enough”. Feel a small sense of accomplishment in this step towards overcoming your crippling perfectionism. You can totally do this.

Step 13: But seriously, how are you going to start the goddam blog???

Step 14: Write. Just write. Write anything…

And so, without further ado or unnecessary instructions, we welcome you to ThatShelfLife – our erratic, haphazard, impulsive jaunt into the world of bookish blogging. If you’ve stayed with us this far, thank you (and as they say in the South, “bless”), we’re ecstatic. We sincerely hope you enjoy our musings on books and life. Please – comment, share, talk to us!

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