How to Start a Blog in 53 Easy Steps (Part Two)

Part Two – Do the Legwork

Word to the Wise

Impulsivity: a blessing that frees you to do really dumb shit that will later make you anxious and question whether you should be permitted to handle any money or adult decisions.

Step 1: Get a website. WordPress, you’ve heard wordpress is good, and it’s free. Plus, you’ve seen “Wordpress” listed as a desired skill in a lot of job openings, so this is totally going to help your budding career and keep in alignment with your current goal of learning things that will buff up your resume.

Step 2: Ok, so WordPress is more confusing than you thought. Apparently it refers both to open source software and a blog-hosting platform. Find a button somewhere on a wordpress website that says “start a blog”. Click that button.

Step 3: Confer with your BFF via text to decide on a name. “That Book Life”. It’s brilliant. Catchy. Definitely has the right feel.

Step 4: Find out that your desired name is taken. (But for reals, kudos to for having an awesome name. Blog on, you kindred spirit!) Back to the drawing board.

Step 5: Come up with a new name, but be really reluctant to stray from the name you first fell in love with. Answer a few work emails while you think this over. Goddammit, why do they think I know the difference between an expiration and best by date? Aren’t they two different ways of saying “shelf life”? EUREKA! That.Shelf.Life. Text your BFF your terribly clever new idea. Immediately question whether it is at all clever or just a stupid word association…

Step 6: She’s on board?! Good. Register that domain name. Now! Hurry, before the evil internet overlords who monitor Google trends and buy domain names based on searches buy up yours! A .com is definitely worth the higher price tag. And yeah, you probably should fork over the extra money to keep your personal address private. The last thing you need is come creep obsessing over your reading selfies and showing up at your house, spying on your through your open blinds. Seriously – you’ve got to remember to close your blinds when it gets dark out.

Alright! You’ve got a website! You’ll have to get together with your BFF to decide what you’ll each write about first and how you want the site to look. But you definitely should not try going to your site on another computer to see whether it’s LIVE and just a template. Because don’t websites require you to hit a “publish” button or something before other people can see them? Don’t worry, if you don’t know the answer to this question yet, some of your closest friends will soon enlighten you. But first…

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