Ribbons, Buttons, and #hairties… Oh my!

Our foray into the world of kid-friendly bookmark making

When you find yourself reaching for a napkin, receipt, post it, nail file (…..or stapler) to mark your place in your current read, it may be time to invest in some bookmarks. We decided to try making some cute ribbon bookmarks, that also teach young readers how to sew simple stitches and buttons.



One disadvantage of cleaning your desk – no scrap paper close at hand when you need it…

Check out our creations! Find instructions below. We saw this idea on mybusybeehives.blogspot.fr.



Here’s how to make these yourself:

First, gather your supplies! Sewing kit, button, ribbon, hair ties or elastic, etc.


RLR’s classic feminine taste


SMR’s what’s-cheap-at-Joann’s motif.


Your ribbon and buttons can reflect your personal style (or lack thereof). 

Select your ribbon and elastic or hair tie. Fold the edge of the ribbon around the elastic and stitch closed.

It’s so easy, even a 6-year-old can do it! (Yes, those are Christmas pajamas. Yes, SMR is aware it’s April. Personal style, people.)

Measure your ribbon with a book – we used several books to make several different sizes. Cut the ribbon to size and fold down the end. Sew the button to the end.

Finished! Mark your place in style!


*Note: we also used multiple buttons to make it adjustable*


Zombies, buttons, ribbon and rainbows. (Someday we’ll figure out how to crop the pictures, too…)



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