About Us

We are two young women, making our way in the world, trying to find just enough time to squeeze in one more chapter… We’ve been book-swapping best friends for ten years and counting. Our TBR “piles” are actually entire shelves, and we absolutely cannot be trusted with a credit card in a book store.

We are…

RapaciousLadyReader – a recently married, feline adoring, young professional beginning an adventure in the corporate world where she is lucky enough to receive free books on occasion. Lover of all books and bookish things and absolutely obsessed with YA. Possibly the most voracious reader you will ever meet. Addicted to her Kindle.

SingleMomReading – mother of the most adorable mini-reader and the kind of person who tracks her reading in a carefully calibrated Excel spreadsheet because who doesn’t want to know how many words you’ve read in an entire year? Reads non-fiction, literary fiction, short stories, poetry, alternative fiction, zombie fiction, articles, YA lit, graphic novels, a ton of children’s books, New Yorker articles, Paris Review tweets, Nutrition Facts panels, and a lot of really boring regulations for work.